Our Materials

We Stand Behind Our Products

All of our organic pieces are GOTS certified—which means they are not only organic but they are certified organic. 

In addition to organic and Oeko-Tex® certified materials, you can be even more confident that we take safe, non-toxic childrens-wear, sustainability, and ethical production very seriously.

GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard, and since its introduction in 2006, it has set the highest worldwide standard for the processing of organic fibers. This comprehensive standard covers the entire textile chain—from the sustainable, ethical harvesting of organically grown plants through eco-friendly and socially responsible manufacturing and labeling practices.

Textiles, fabrics, yarns, and clothing can be labeled organic as long as they contain at least 70% natural organic fibers. That just won’t do for GOTS certification, which requires that products contain a minimum of 95% natural organic fibers.

For a product to be GOTS certified, workers at all stages of production must be treated in accordance with the key norms of the International Labour Organization (ILO). These include:

  • No forced labor or child labor
  • Freedom to organize & bargain collectively
  • Safe, clean working environment
  • Living wages
  • Time off and no excessive hours
  • No discrimination

To make sure that all these standards are met, GOTS requires regular residue testing and on-site auditing/inspections, along with appropriate certifications at all levels of the supply chain.

It’s imperative that the clothing our children wear supports their health and well-being and that we’re certain each piece was made with love for this beautiful planet and everyone who inhabits it.