Realistic Greenery

Realistic Greenery

There’s nothing more lovely than looking at staged (never-been-used) nurseries which are filled with luscious greenery, flowers and plants. Of course it’s everyone’s dream to have a living plant in the nursery without the odds against it, but there are many factors to address, i.e. Will it be in the way? Will the child knock it over? Will it hurt the child? Will the dog pee on it? Will the cat eat it then vomit? Will it get enough sunlight? Am I actually going to keep this one alive? Will. It. Die?. It may not be realistic to have a huge palm, or very needy delicate plants in a nursery, but there is a loophole for the lovers of greenery, and that is succulents. 

No-nonsense succulents can come tiny or large, they can be planted singular and also be a part of a beautifully potted garden. There is an array of beautiful options to choose from that can liven up any room without being a nuisance. Yes, they are beautiful, yes, they can be adorably teeny, and yes they can be completely out of the way fitting your realistic world, but there are two very important reasons to choose succulents for the nursery that have nothing to do with looks, and they are:

  1. Less Water

  2. Less Sunlight

    … win win 

Don’t add another stresser to your life if you can help it. Keep your beautifully large floor plants and potted vines in the living room next to the huge bay window that you water once a week. Succulents are beautiful options for the more realistic human being when it comes to a child’s room, you’ll get the greenery without the headache.

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